// Stills
Fitz and the Tantrums
Don't Gotta Work It Out
Charles Haine

Chris Uettwiller

Dangerbird Records

Dirty Robber has a long spiritual connection to the town of Bakersfield, California. Some say that's where Justus P. Barnes, our beloved mascot, spent his final robberin’ days.

For whatever the reason, when developing the concept for the video for Don’t Gotta Work It Out, featuring an urban nightscape, surreal imagery and desolate city streets, Bakersfield called to us.

And we called back.

Driving around the city seeking inspiration by listening to the song full blast with the windows down, director Charles Haine was unsurprised at the joyous dancing the track elicited on passersby; you just can't help shaking your boogey to this tune.

Juxtaposing such a bouncy tune to more brooding imagery enhances the song and helps reveal some of the depth to the lyrics.

When the prestigious Pop Up Video was being re-launched, we were honored when they came calling asking for tales about this video. From the cops coming to watch our fireworks to the teenage bike gang to the fortuitous breaking of dawn behind our final sequence, this video was a blast to shoot.

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